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Sterile Compounds

Non-Sterile Compounds

RC Compounding is USP 795 compliant and has the ability to compound a variety of non-sterile medications, such as creams, capsules, oral solutions and suspensions, and triturates. Physicians must write patient specific prescriptions for several strengths or forms of medications.

Diabetic neuropathies sometimes require anesthetic creams, and cats sometimes need methimazole rubbed to the inner flap of their ear.  We have compounded Prozac for dogs, Progesterone for females, T3/T4 capsules for teenagers, and Testosterone for males.  Each patient is different and each need is specific.  There are very few compounded prescriptions that we would not be able to provide if your physician believes that such a compounded drug is in your best interest and an alternative is not commercially available.

By and large, most of our time and effort is dedicated to the female endocrine system.  We work closely with physicians and patients in order to tailor hormone replacement for their individual needs. 

RC Compounding is USP 797 compliant to compound sterile intrathecal, IV, IM, or sub-Q injections, and serum eye drops.  These are typically drugs for "Direct Administration by a Physician," but sterile injectables can, at times, also be safely self-administered by the patient in his or her own home. Typically these drugs are not commercially available, in short supply, or of such specificity to a particular patient that it can only be compounded. Like our non-sterile prescriptions, all of our sterile compounds must be patient specific as well.

A sample of other sterile services we provide include the following: 

  • Autologous Serum Eye Drops for patients with chronic dry eyes
  • ​"Magic" and "Miracle" Eye drops for patients undergoing cataract surgery
  • ​Trypan Blue for physician use during cataract surgeries
  • Cyanocobalamin, or Vitamin B12, injections
  • Trimix Intra-penial injections for males with erectile dysfunction
  • ​Testosterone Cypionate injections for males with low testosterone
  • ​Nebulized Glutathione for pulmonary diseases and respiratory-related conditions